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F&B Product Packaging and Marketing Campaign 



TaiKoo Sugar

Food & Beverage


Packaging Design

Key Visual Design

Photo Retouching

Graphic Design


Packaging Design

Banner Design

Leaflet Design

Taikoo Sugar is planning to launch a series of healthy tea products, targeting on helping three types of women's health problems. The Key visual concept is using one female model with different dressing, situations in one picture, expressing the three tea products can help with different health conditions at the same time.

I started with the packaging design from die-cut to production, with specific paper and printing effects. Secondly, it comes to key visual design, this involve coordinating with photographer, model in the photo shooting. Afterwards, i have to work on photo retouching, banner design, poster design, leaflet design. 

B&F Packaging
Packaging Design
B&F Key Visual Poster
Key Visual and Poster Design
B&F Leaflet
Leaflet Design
B&F Bus Banner
Bus Banner



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Name: Joe Chau

Tel: +44 07877007305

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