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Electric Car Charging
Brand Identity



Hong Kong Telecom

Electric Car Charging



Brand Identity

Graphic Design 

Logo Design

Car Wrap Design

Charging Card Design

Instruction Manual Design

HKT (Hong Kong Telecom) diversified its services to include electric vehicle charging, integrating distinctive visual elements like "Thunder" and "Charged Particles" to symbolize this energy-centric initiative within the overall design. Initially, the logo exploration phase focused on creating diverse styles and variations to conceptualize the logo's initial draft. Subsequently, in response to the client's direction aligning with HKT's "Smart Living" business line, the design was refined to incorporate fewer colors and adopt the same font type as the "Smart Living" logo.

EV Charging Logo Design
Logo design
EV Charging User Manual
Instruction manual design
Logo Design Options
EV Charging Card Design
Charging Card Design
EV Charging Car Wrap
Car Wrap Design



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